stacy stone

After earning her degree in Interior Architecture at University of Oregon, Stacy worked for several years on the cutting edge of retail. She designed immersive aspirational brand experiences for Esprit and Levi’s, and then moved on to designing warehouse spaces for Internet start-ups.

Residential projects now comprise her studio’s primary focus. Stacy is never formulaic, and has completed several intriguing specialty commissions, including a winery and a music hall. Her portfolio reflects over 25 years of distinctive design.

As Stacy has grown the studio, she remains ever-present. She’s evolved Stone Interiors, diving high and deep into her passion for design. Stacy and her husband continue to travel at every opportunity. With their son now grown, Stacy has woven design into every trip. Her clients’ interests have become part of where she goes and what she does, gathering fresh inspirations from everywhere.



the studio

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Our approach is steeped in respectful collaboration—with each other, with architects and contractors, and with fabricators around the globe. We draw on each other’s strengths, and our camaraderie fuels many inspirations and solutions. We strive for seamless communication internally and externally, to keep everyone in sync.

Our senior designers each have more than fifteen years of experience; our design project managers have at least eight. Our best discussions tend to flow from an ‘anything is possible’ mindset. If we were to describe our ethos in three words, they would most likely be: thoughtful, intuitive, creative. We are collectively delighted when clients tell us how much they have enjoyed our process and how much they feel they have learned, not only about design but also about themselves. 



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