stacy stone

For Stacy Stone, the notion of interior encompasses the architecture and the exterior—how you feel when you open the door, what you see when you look out the windows. Ultimately, no element is separate. Everything flows and feels connected. Harmony and well-being reign.

Stacy thinks of her role as distilling each client’s personal aspirations.

She becomes attuned to the multi-facetedness of her clients’ lives by listening intently as they describe how they live and how they’d like to live. She then starts to picture these people in their “place of possibility.” This gathering phase enables Stacy to develop a vision that will guide the design team.



the studio


Our approach is steeped in respectful collaboration—with each other, with architects and contractors, and with fabricators around the globe. We draw on each other’s strengths, and our camaraderie fuels many inspirations and solutions. We strive for seamless communication internally and externally, to keep everyone in sync.

Our senior designers each have more than fifteen years of experience; our design project managers have at least eight. Our best discussions tend to flow from an ‘anything is possible’ mindset. If we were to describe our ethos in three words, they would most likely be: thoughtful, intuitive, creative. We are collectively delighted when clients tell us how much they have enjoyed our process and how much they feel they have learned, not only about design but also about themselves. 



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