mountain cabin
as described by the client


Every element is in harmony in the interior, and it's all in harmony with the environment the dwelling is in.

We wanted to push the boundaries of design quality for a mountain cabin. The building is all wood, iron and stone, and it's handcrafted rather than machined. Stacy created the palette and presented the theme from a high level, and then it was an interactive process. She listens so well that she gets it really close to begin with. Stone Interiors delivered an interior that perfectly complements the structure and reinforces nature.

The overall feel is one of sophisticated wilderness. You can look at each element and appreciate it for a considerable period of time. We lounge on huge sheepskin cushions with cashmere lining. The towels have wonderful blanket stitching in different colors within the palette, so we know which ones go where. There is nothing we would change.