as described by the ARCHITECT and the CLIENT


The Architect observes: this house has always reminded me of a Chanel dress—classic, sophisticated, minimal, a bit glamorous, with just the right modern touches. it is a reflection of the client's sensibilities, and Stacy brought these elements seamlessly together.

Stacy blended her design expertise and fantastic visual esthetic with an ability to understand our taste and desires. We have many design touches in our home that provide a calming and unifying effect. Working with Stacy was truly a pleasure, and her entire team is really good. They show great attention to detail, and nothing falls through the cracks. 

Our end result reflects Stacy’s extraordinary vision, our family’s needs, and my personal vision.  When our family comes home from a trip, no matter where we’ve been, we think, ‘We are lucky to live in this home. It is so beautiful. We feel very happy here.’—The Client